I have just finished installing and photographing my project! Now the video editing commences! It looks good! Pictures to come, very soon!

Photo Set

So, I literally spent all day and all night Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday gluing together all of my letterforms and flourishes. Several hot-glue burns were sustained. It was the most strenuous work whilst trying to battle strep throat at the same time.

I am SUPER glad to finally lay the hot glue gun down now. Now that everything is glued and all the letters are pre-taped and ready for mounting the last part left is to build the actual installation. Lets hope I can find someone to help me document the thing…

Photo Set

Due to unfortunate circumstances (i.e. portfolio interviews and getting ice-balled in the face and Lorres not being in the office), I was only just able to get all my letters laser cut (it took from 9AM to 3PM… but that’s a whole lot less time than if I cut everything by hand). But they look pretty dope.

Here are the pictures of the various letters (the white pieces are the ones being glues on the back, so they can stick to the wall easier), in a pile. It looks exciting… And check out the massive stack of corrugated paper I cut up into 3” strips to make the letters 3D! That’s a lot of paper… the total count on money spent on just the corrugated paper alone is about $82. My wallet hates me right now…

Photo Set

I’ve been furiously cutting paper/corrugated paper and re-drawing curves, lines and more flourishes today and ran myself up to York. I’ve been at home since Sunday because I was injured so I was in and out of the hospital because of a drive-by-iceball-to-the-eye incident. So I came back to York before I could even heal, just to laser cut my type and I can’t because of the First Year portfolio interviews going on in the Type Room.

  1. The Department needs to find a new place to hold the interviews in a place that don’t house all the really important equipment
  2. As if I ran back here for nothing
  3. My eye still hurts a lot from the injury, the light, and staring at the computer screen for so long.

So, here are screen-shots of my files before they go to cut (on Monday now, because I’m going to Montreal for the weekend). Then the gluing commences.

Damn you, jerks that threw the iceball at my face: you slowed my progress for this project.

Photo Set

Here are the stages and various compositions on how I got to my final vector I will be outputting through the laser cutter tomorrow to make my letterforms.

Now for the difficult part: lining everything up on the correct size plane for cutting output…


So, here are the top quotes I’m fighting with right now…

Discovery ignites the passion to create.
Process is the portal to discovery and ignites the passion to create.

Discovery and inspiration ignite creativity.

The greatest ideas are constructed by the desire to discover.
The greatest ideas are ignited by process and passion.
The greatest ideas are ignited by discovery.
The greatest ideas are ignited by the pathway to discovery.

I think I like the first one the best… it illuminates pretty much everything I’m trying to say in a short and elegant way.


The type is all digitized now… so I can turn it to outlines and use the laser cutter the cut out the letters.


There’s a new kid in town, and he goes by the name of LAZERCUTTER. AKA The Department of Design got a fun new toy and that is a laser cutter. JUST in time for me to use it and save myself from the millions of papercuts, exacto-knife cuts and many other injuries or tears that would have been sustained through the cutting of the millions of sheets of corrugated cardboard I will be using.

Lorres (the lab technician at York) will be here over reading week, which is exactly when I plan on getting my letters cut and assembled for the big installation process. I’m excited! Now I just need to figure out what my phrase will say and trace all the letters in Illustrator.


Last night I went to go and see playGround, which is the annual Theatre@York student-produced fringe festival of original works and works-in-progress by up-and-coming playwrights, directors, designers and performers in the undergraduate Theatre program at York. I went because one of my roommates is in theatre and she was in one of the plays in Series A of the shows. The play she performed in really encapsulated what I’m trying to say about artistic process. The monologue performed by one of her scene partners said it really eloquently, but I just can remember the exact wording on it… trying my best to hunt down the script ASAP.


UPDATE: The script

Here’s an excerpt of the script I managed to hunt down:

"… Art isn’t supposed to be about the means! It’s supposed to be about the process and the end result - what inspires you and who you will go on to inspire! Our products are not for pathos; they are to inspire change. These are not just an outlet of emotion - this is the birth of something greater than the self: something to outlast us when we are gone! …”

Maybe I can work with the italicized phrase and tweak it a bit to be something a bit more towards my liking…


Initial mockup of letterform layout using one of the “thesis” phrases I’m trying to decide on…